Sunday, December 15, 2013

Braided Nutella Bread

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Why do we need insurance?
You need insurance as a way to manage risks. By buying insurance, you are basically transferring the cost of  possible losses to an insurance company with a fee, which is well known as the premium. Insurance companies usually tend to invest the money they gain from you in a secure way, so it can grow, and will pay you out a claim.occurs.
How Insurance Can helps you:
In Owning a home, you will not be able to by home(mortgage) if you home is not protected.

Drive vehicles, it s obvious that costs of repairs, health care and other legal expenses that come after accidents and (god forbid) injuries are very high and unaffordable by the average person.
You Can Cover health care costs Things like prescribed medicines, expensive dental care,  or even vision care depending on what your insurance package includes.

This is why insurance in very imporant. It really is a way of life so dont say you are better off without insurance.

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